Dennis Alan Taylor

Dennis Alan Taylor was an American science fiction author born on May 6, 1946, in Lynnwood, Washington, and passed away on June 3, 2016, in Silverdale, Washington, at the age of 70. He was an engineer by profession and worked for Boeing for over 40 years. In his spare time, he pursued his passion for writing and wrote several science fiction novels, including the popular Bobiverse series. Here are some interesting facts and information about Dennis Alan Taylor:

Passion of Dennis Alan Taylor:

Dennis Alan Taylor had a lifelong passion for science fiction. He started reading science fiction at a young age and was particularly drawn to the works of Robert Heinlein and Arthur C. Clarke. His love for science fiction inspired him to pursue a degree in engineering, which he felt would allow him to contribute to the advancement of technology and space exploration.

Dennis Alan Taylor’s first book:

Dennis Alan Taylor’s first book was We Are Legion (We Are Bob), published in 2016. The book was self-published on Amazon and became an instant hit, garnering rave reviews and a dedicated fan following. The book tells the story of a man named Bob Johansson, who is uploaded into a computer system after his death and becomes the AI controlling a spaceship.

We Are Legion (We Are Bob) was followed by two sequels, For We Are Many and All These Worlds, completing the Bobiverse trilogy. The series has been widely praised for its innovative premise, engaging characters, and clever humor. The series has sold over 200,000 copies and has been translated into multiple languages.

Success of the Bobiverse series:

The success of the Bobiverse series led to a book deal with Random House for a new science fiction series. The first book in the series, Outland, was published in 2018. The book is set in a near-future world where humanity has fled Earth and established a new colony on a distant planet. The story follows a group of colonists as they face challenges and conflicts in their new home.

Technical knowledge and attention:

Dennis Alan Taylor was known for his strong technical knowledge and attention to detail in his writing. His background in engineering and his passion for science fiction allowed him to create complex and believable worlds and technologies in his books. He often incorporated real-world scientific concepts and theories into his stories, giving them a sense of authenticity and plausibility.

A self-published author:

Dennis Alan Taylor was a self-published author for much of his career, using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform to reach readers directly. He was a vocal advocate of self-publishing and believed that it offered writers more creative control and financial independence. He often shared his experiences and advice with other self-published authors, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and take control of their careers.

Despite his success as a self-published author, Dennis Alan Taylor was also open to traditional publishing. He signed a book deal with Random House for his Outland series and was excited to work with a major publisher to bring his stories to a wider audience. He saw traditional publishing as a way to reach readers who might not have discovered his books otherwise.

Talented musician:

In addition to his writing, Dennis Alan Taylor was also a talented musician. He played guitar and sang in a band called the Time benders, which performed covers of classic rock and pop songs. He was also a member of the Kitsap Chords men, a barbershop chorus in Kitsap County, Washington.

Dennis Alan Taylor was deeply committed to his family and had a loving and supportive network of loved ones around him throughout his life. He was married to his wife, Karen, for over 40 years, and the two of them had a strong and enduring partnership that was the foundation of their family life. Together, they raised two children and were the proud grandparents of several grandchildren.

Dennis was known for his kindness, generosity, and quick wit, and he shared his love of storytelling and science fiction with his family and friends. He was deeply involved in the lives of his children and grandchildren and took great joy in watching them grow and succeed. His family was a constant source of inspiration and support for him, and he was always grateful for the love and encouragement they gave him throughout his life.

Despite his busy career as an engineer and his passion for writing, Dennis always made time for his family and was committed to being present for them. He enjoyed spending time with them and creating memories that they would cherish for a lifetime. His family was his greatest joy and his most important legacy, and he was devoted to ensuring that they knew how much he loved them.

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Dennis Alan Taylor’s family continues to honor his memory and his passion for storytelling and science fiction. They take great pride in his accomplishments as an author and engineer and are committed to carrying on his legacy of creativity, innovation, and curiosity. They remain deeply grateful for the love and support that Dennis gave them throughout his life and are honored to have been a part of his journey.